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Cake Recipes


We offer vanilla or chocolate sponge, cheesecake, fruitcake, carrot cake, spice cake, coconut cake, and more – all covered with icing toppings of every flavour, or the delicious richness of fresh cream and the juicy sweetness of good fruit. Between each layer is a mouth-watering filling of cream, chocolate, fruit, nuts, or more...

We hand-craft each cake on the same day it is delivered and use only the freshest high-quality ingredients, because only the best is good enough for our customers. All of our cakes are guaranteed halal, with no alcohol, animal gelatine, or any other haram substance.

We can make almost any kind of cake you ask for. One easy way is to pick a base, an icing, and a filling, from these possibilities:

  • Base: vanilla sponge / chocolate sponge / rich fruitcake
  • Icing: soft cream / fresh fruit with cream / Royal icing / marzipan
  • Filling: cream / cream with mixed nuts / cream with jam

But there are many other possibilities, like:

  • cheesecake / carrot cake / spice cake / coconut cake / Madeira cake / lemon cake...

For more ideas, contact us, or just come visit our shop and take a look around or taste a piece!

If you want a sugar-free, nut-free, egg-free, or vegan cake, we are happy to oblige. We may be able to handle other special requirements - just phone or stop by the shop and ask us. At the moment, all our cakes are vegetarian.

At most cake shops, your cake might contain alcohol or animal gelatine - which is often made from pig bones! But at 1st Choice Cakes, we guarantee that all our cakes are 100% halal - we never use alcohol, animal gelatine, or any other haram substance.